Priest Vacancy

Beetham is currently in an interregnum and we are looking for a new part-time House for Duty Priest to join us in our parish.  If you would like more details about who we are hoping will come and inspire us, who we are, and what makes Beetham such a special place, please see our Parish Profile

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We are looking for a House for Duty Priest who is...

  • A motivational preacher, teacher and prayerful leader
  • Warm and friendly with a good sense of humour
  • Pastorally sensitive, ready to listen and empathise appropriately
  • Actively supportive of the work of the school
  • Keen to promote strategies for the development of theological learning and reflection
  • Committed to driving forward plans to re-order the church building
  • Prepared to further the work of the Kent Estuary Group
  • Willing to contribute to the life of the wider community


  If you are interested in the post you are welcome to chat to one of the churchwardens for more information (see Contact page for details).   If you would like to apply please go to the Carlisle Diocese website click here for the application forms and supporting documents.  We look forward to hearing from you!